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I don’t want templates, I want HTML-making shortcuts

This post may be worth following up. I have to update/redesign a couple of websites and I’d rather not code them all by hand.

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Joe’s Special

This looked like an interesting recipe. 1/2 pound of lean ground beef 1/2 cup chopped wilted fresh spinach (Frozen chopped spinach will work but squeeze it to drain it. It at least gives the color.) 3 eggs Salt and Pepper. … Continue reading

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Mozilla Extensions

Here are a few Mozilla extensions that I find useful. I really like the way Multizilla handle tabs. I use Linky for when I want to download a number of pages or packages from one page. Saves me a lot … Continue reading

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Storytelling and Blogings

Here are a bunch of links to interesting looking articles that hopefully I’ll read in the not too distant future. Beyond Usability and Design: The Narrative Web: A List Apart Grassroots KM through blogging John Seely Brown on knowledge creation … Continue reading

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How to be a poet

Here’s some advice on writing that seems to follow an older tradtion. Basically find someone whose work you like and try to imitate it. Better yet, find several people whose styles you like and work at imitating each of them. … Continue reading

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My Quotes

My list of collected quotes.

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Depression and Social Groups

Another post from a previous weblog I was thinking about the connection between depression and “the meaning of life” the other night. I still haven’t found a cosmology that I find completely satisfying – I have difficulties with both a … Continue reading

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Ethics and links

I ran across this old post of mine from a previous blog. Tim O’Reilly has some lessons he’s learned from book publishing and how they might apply to the current furor over music and movie piracy. Lesson 1: Obscurity is … Continue reading

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Werewolf Review

Werewolf looks like it would be a very fun group game. Maybe I should suggest the “spy” renaming to youth leaders.

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