Manitoba Quarter Section Polygons

Manitoba Land Initiative provides a lot of free GIS data for Manitoba. Unfortunately, one thing they don’t provide is a Polygon theme showing quarter sections.

Here are instructions for creating a quarter section polygon theme from MLI data

  1. Use DNR Arcview tools merge section lines and quarter section lines (output temp.shp)
  2. Use Polylines to polygons extension to create a polygon theme from temp.shp -> (output temp2.shp)
  3. Make sure qsec_num_text.shp is open
  4. Use Geoprocessing wizard to assign data by location to qsec_num_text.shp from temp2.shp
  5. Open qsec_num_text.shp’s table, export to dbase format -> temp3.dbf
  6. Add table temp3.dbf to project
  7. Choose id field in temp3 and temp.shp’s table and do a join
  8. You can now choose convert to shapefile to get a polygon theme showing quarter sections.

Feel free to email me with questions.

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3 Responses to Manitoba Quarter Section Polygons

  1. Julia Cox says:

    hi! I am currently trying to get a Quater Section Polygon Grid for Manitoba. I have the Quater Section Lines from MLI. My question for you is, where did you get the Quester section num text? The attribute information within the Quater Section data gives nothing for a location.

    Thanks a lot,

  2. Julia Cox says:

    sorry, this is the correct email address. Thank you.

  3. Joel says:

    I’m not quite sure what you want. I think you’re asking for the quarter section’s identifier for a polygon, e.g. labeling polygons with SE 15-15-15W1. If this is correct, go to the MLI site look at Quarter Section Grids / Manitoba Reference Grid / All area polygons (1-9) combined. That will give you a lot of the Manitoba quarter section polygons. You can then concatenate the fields in the DBF to make up a full description.

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