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How to Remove Internet Explorer

There’s an article on How to Remove Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to implement this at work as one of the applications we’re using is very much tied into IE. I am using Mozilla for everything else though, … Continue reading

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Maps Random Dungeon Generator City Maps Map -A-Week

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I read Draginol’s rant about who the real game pirates are. Anyhow, when I upgrade my computer, I’ll have to give a try. It’s really too bad that I can’t afford to upgrade my computer now, but it seems … Continue reading

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Authors I Enjoy

I was thinking about authors I enjoy. There are a few authors whose books I buy as soon as they come out. Laurell K. Hamilton is currently at the top of the list. I’m not sure exactly why it is, … Continue reading

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A mp3 and ogg/vorbis manager and tag editor

I need a better way to organize my mp3s. Maybe prokyon3 will do the trick?

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Doin’ the PDF shuffle

I really wish more people would figure out a way of avoinding Doin’ the PDF shuffle. Trying to read PDFs on my computer drives me nuts. I often end up printing a document out, reading it, and throwing it way, … Continue reading

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bit torrent file search

bitoogle :: the bit torrent file search engine (bittorrent) bt bot n4p

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Learning CSS

Learning CSS is one of those projects that I really need to do and just haven’t yet. Sigh, someday soon I’ll get to it.

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From Sold! A Little System for Selling Magic Items If the PCs in your campaign want to sell magic items, this abstract system provides a satisfying means of resolving those transactions quickly during the game. It’s based on the … Continue reading

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Random Game Locations

Adventure Locales Vicious Venues: The Ruined Tower Adventures

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D-Link Antennas: DWL-M60AT and ANT-0400

These D-Link antennas might be useful for bouncing my connection around when I build a house (depending on when and where I buid it).

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Into the Blogosphere

Into the Blogosphere looks interesting, but as with a lot of things it’ll probably drift off into the collection of sites that I really should read someday… (via Seblogging)

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Random Encounter Tables

Random Encounter Tables could be useful, especially if I try to do less steering and just let my players wander the world and find what adventures they can. I’ve run my players through Siege on Ebonring Keep and Banewarrens, which … Continue reading

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Writing Well on the Web

A good article on Writing Well on the Web Key points: 1. Keep content scannable. 2. Keep content short. 3. Keep content segmented.

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What Men Really Want

It seems that every time I decide that Dave Pollard is completely nuts, he comes up with another fascinating article like this one. I would have to say that he’s pretty much on target as far as I’m concerned. I … Continue reading

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