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Core Stories in D&D

mearls: Core Stories in D&D “A party of adventurers assemble to seek fame and fortune. They leave civilization for a location of extreme danger. They fight monsters and overcome obstacles and acquire new abilities and items of power. Afterwards they … Continue reading

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TeeVee Archive – Lost Explained!

TeeVee Archive – Lost Explained! This would definitely explain why Lost is so popular with gamers – Lost is Zork!

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Author List Part 2

I am very slowly going through a list authors I’ve enjoyed and commenting on them. The first of Harry Harrison’s books that I enjoyed was the Stainless Steel Rat series. I think I may have read the Deathworld series before … Continue reading

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Web Search Garage

I checked out Web Search Garage from the city library. It’s a very well written book – somehow it manages to be concise, to give plenty of examples, and to be readable. I’m going to have to look into other … Continue reading

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