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John Ringo’s “Ghost”

I bought an advance reader copy of John Ringo’s Ghost via Webscription. It was a good book, but not worth the $15 US I paid for it. Here’s my review. My biggest complaint it that this book has John Ringo … Continue reading

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Short History of Nearly Everything

Jaimie and I are reading Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything. I would say he does a fine job a science popularizer. It’s fascinating to read the stories of the people who advance our knowledge of the world. … Continue reading

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Crop Scouting Notes

1. Join Field and Crops into a theme 2. Export that theme as a shapefile 3. Merge Crop scouting points for various days into a shapefile 4. Use Geoprocessing Wizard/Assign data by location to merge Crops and Crop Scouting shapefiles … Continue reading

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Knowledge Rolls and Monster Info

I’m trying to figure out what information to give for various knowledge rolls. Here’s what I’ve worked out so far. Knowledge of Dangerous Beasts (Monsters) DC 10 Easy – General Type 15 Basic – Monster Race – Best Save – … Continue reading

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