WLD July 19, 2006

Present this week:
* Rampenape – human sorcerer
* Kysta half-elf cleric
* Riamara spryte greenbond
* Miru human fighter
* Ruke human palaldin
* Cinner the dwarven rogue/wizard/fighter/cleric

With their prisoners leading the way, the party decided to seek out the Spider King. As they came to a solid door, it suddenly opened and on the other side were six heavily armed drow. Ruke decided to try for diplomacy, presenting the token the naga had given them. The drow sent for Lorath.

While Ruke was chatting with the spokes-drow, Rampenape launched an ice storm on the drow. The drow ran forward, but were slowed by the storm of ice. Kysta implored Pelor to eliminate the lead Drow while reaching out to touch it, but the magic in the drow’s very being rejected the spell’s effects. The lead drow was cut in half by the force of Ruke’s blow. The drow were pounded into the ground by the force of Rampenape’s renewed ice storm. One by one the deadly hailstones claim their lives.

As they enter the next room, a drider and the messenger drow enter from the north. The drow looked a little confused “Where did the rest of them go?” Kysta tried to convince him that something huge attacked and they ran after it. The drider didnít buy it and screamed “Treachery! Guards!” Ruke rolled his eyes, seeing that it’s not going well he wasted no time charging the drider. The drider is stunned by the force of Ruke’s attack. Bleeding heavily he pulled out a dagger and flail and prepared to defend himself. Rampenape fired scorching rays, one at the drider, the other at the drow. He missed the drow completely and the drider glowed slightly as the magic is absorbed harmlessly into his skin. With a crackling sound, Lorath swung his flail at Ruke. At the same time he stabed underhanded with a dripping green dagger, scoring three solid hits.

Upon seeing Ruke attack Lorath, the drow’s eyes widened and he yelled for help. He pulled out his sword and moved forward. Kysta’s mace whistled harmlessly past the drider. Ruke slashes out twice rapidly at the drider, pivoting his foot forward to give it that extra ‘oomph’ but the attacks bounce off the shield held in the drider’s lower arm. Rampenape got frustrated and used his last scorching ray on those two again, and again fails to affect either. Riamara sings lesser transfer wounds on Ruke. Lorath continued his attacks on Ruke, but missed him completely.

The drow swung at Ruke again and flailed the air ineffectually. Kysta hit the drow with her mace. The drider scuttled out of the way of Rukeís attacks. Rampenape blasts a fireball into the hallway behind them. The drow screamed as it was consumed by flames while the drider is burned but fought on. Riamara cast lesser transfer wounds on Ruke. Miru took a run all the way to the fight, after hearing Ruke’s scream.

Then they saw more drow running down the hallway towards the sounds of battle. The drider collapsed as Kysta hit it. The approaching drow howled as they saw the drider fall. Ruke charged forward at the first drow in anger, driving it back by the force of his blow. Rampenape cast ice storm a bit north of the first drow, avoiding Ruke. Riamara used her wand on Ruke again, transferring some of his wounds to herself. Miru charged right up into the battle.

The drow began to fall back, unprepared for this kind of assault. Kysta threw out a burst of sound, stunning all the drow but one. Ruke slips on a leftover hailstone and misses the drow completely, and was in turn battered by the remnants of Rampenapeís ice storm. Rampenape tried for another ice storm, but this time the drow shrugged off its effects. Riamara uses her wand one last time on Ruke, transfering his wounds to herself and passing out. Miru charges the nearest drow, killing it with one solid blow.

Two of the drow were still stunned. The third ran for her life! Kysta’s mace thumped one of the stunned drow. Ruke killed the two stunned drow with two blows. The party quickly determined they would be unable to catch the runner and so fell back to a room with solid doors so that they could rest through the night. Oddly enough, their wounds seemed to heal very quickly.


Miru joined the game late. Cinner was there at the beginning but got disconnected due to a storm.

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