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Back to Warcraft

Well, after about 3 weeks without playing WoW, I have decided to resubscribe. A big part of the reason is simply that WoW provides amazing bang for the buck. I live out in the boonies where entertainment options are limited … Continue reading

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Renamer NG

Renamer NG is a handy utility when I’m too lazy to reboot into Linux to rename a bunch of files.

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May 19, 2007 Session

After a long, long, long hiatus, we got together to play D&D again. It took a long time to find character sheets and somehow I seemed to have missed noting some stuff from where we left off last. We ran … Continue reading

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QuikWars looks like it might be fun to play with Evan. Alec isn’t at the point where unit stats mean anything to him. Maybe we could play this weekend.

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Canceled World of Warcraft

I have canceled my World of Warcraft account. It was fun while it lasted, but I’ve seen what there is to see and I want to move on to something new. World of Warcraft has provided amazing bang for the … Continue reading

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Can You Run It?

System Requirements Lab has a useful application that tests to see if your system can run specific games. If your system can’t handle it, the parts that need to be upgraded are highlighted. This looks very useful, particularly as I … Continue reading

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Armory data: Popular and unpopular specs

In Armory data: Popular and unpopular specs – WOW Insider Zyph of Maelstrom looked at the most popular and least popular talents and builds of over 6000 level 70s. In my case it’s interesting to note that less than a … Continue reading

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WordPress Theme Generator

Thanks to WordPress Theme Generator I’ve changed the look of this blog a bit. We’ll see if I stick with it.

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