Rezzing Priority

Egotistical Priest has a nice post on Rezzing Priority
Rule 1) Always rez other rezzers first.

They’ll get up, have themselves a drink, and help you rez.

Who’s next? Well, who takes the longest to recover from a death? Mana-users that buff group members should be next. Priests, mages, druids, paladins…anyone who is going to have to drink -> buff -> drink should get the next rez priority.

Rule 2) Always rez mana-using buffbots next.

After that, mana-users who don’t have buffs should get priority. They’re still going to have to drink to get their mana back, even if they don’t have to drink TWICE after they rebuff the group. Hunters, warlocks, for example. (please note that if your hunter’s pet died in the previous fight, they’re basically in the second rule. They have to drink, rez their pet, feed their pet, drink…)

Rule 3) Non buffing mana-users next.

After that, melee fighters like warriors and rogues should get the rez. They just need to sit down and eat. (Heck, most of the time they don’t bandage OR eat, they wait for me to heal them).

Rule 4) Next comes anyone who only has to regen health.

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