Marking Targets

Priestly Endeavors had a good post on Marking Targets and determining the priority. I’m going to switch from the F-keys to numpad for marking and see how that works out. Given that I’m the tank for our static group, I get to do a lot of marking.

I’m thinking of making up a set of macros along the lines of:

*skull – not sure about the [combat] bit for rw may have to be /run if InCombatLockdown() SendChatMessage(“Main DPS target has changed”,”RAID_WARNING”) end
/script SetRaidTargetIcon(“target”, 8);
/rw [combat] Main DPS target has changed
/p White Skull is main DPS target. Focus DPS on skull!

* Square
/script SetRaidTargetIcon(“target”, 6);
/p Blue Square is HUNTER freeze trap/pet tank/kite target

* X
/script SetRaidTargetIcon(“target”, 7);
/p Kill Red X after Skull goes down if no new DPS target has been assigned

* Star
/script SetRaidTargetIcon(“target”, 1);
/p Yellow Star is MAGE sheep target – don’t touch it!

*Purple Diamond
/script SetRaidTargetIcon(“target”, 3);
/p Purple Diamond is WARLOCK banish/pet tank target.

* Green Triangle
/script SetRaidTargetIcon(“target”, 4);
/p Green Triangle is ROGUE sap target

*Orange Circle
/script SetRaidTargetIcon(“target”, 2);
/p Orange Circle is a patrol – keep an eye out for it

*White Crescent Moon
/script SetRaidTargetIcon(“target”, 5);
/p White Crescent Moon is shackle/root/alternate CC

* No Symbol
/script SetRaidTargetIcon(“target”, 0);
/p No Symbol is secondary tanking targets – wait for them to be marked as X or Skull before DPSing

Overkill on explanation for my usual group, but could be useful in a PUG setting.

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