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I tend to play a lot of different characters in World of Warcraft. Here is a brief summary of those I’ve played and a little about each of them.

Mardin was a gnome mage around level 15. He was my first character. For some reason I decided that I wanted to play a priest instead, so I wound up abandoning him fairly quickly and moving on to my next toon.

Dorane was an undead priest. She was the first character I leveled. I got her up to about 35, but then Jaimie got her own account and we decided to level toons together. She was abandoned at that point.

My first character on Andorhal was Ali, a human warlock. I played him with Jaimie up to about level 20, then we tried out another pairing. As of this writing Ali is level 61. I play him about once a week, on Saturday mornings when gankage is at a minimum. He’s fun enough to play and if Andorhal were still my main server I’d probably play him more often. As it stands, it will likely take him months to get to 70.

My second character on Andorhal was Reall, a gnome rogue. I could not get the hang of rogues to save my life, so Jaimie and I made up another pairing. Eventually I ended up going back to play him. What I did was practice on mobs that were a couple levels lower than me until I got the hang of playing a rogue. He’s currently my third highest character on Andorhal at 42 and I’d like to level him again.

Flint, a dwarf priest, was my main character on Andohal. I’d missed my priest buffs from Dorane and I wanted to play something I knew so I made him. Jaimie had decided that gnome mages were for her, so she rolled up Tinder. We played this pair for a long, long time. Flint is retired now as I don’t want to raid and there’s really nothing else for him to do. Basically the death of our guild, Legion of the Dragon, killed Flint and Tinder. If I someday decide to get back into raiding on a PvP server, Flint is my most likely candidate.

Rve was my night elf druid on Andorhal. He was originally made to play with Jaimie’s Emeraude, but Jaimie didn’t like druids, so he wound up soloing a fair bit. He’s up just past level 40. I enjoyed playing a druid – the ability to shift to whatever was needed for a given situation was great. I’m hoping to start up an all-druid group on Quel’dorei.

Herne was my dwarf hunter. It was fun to play a hunter and have mobs die all around me. He tamed Old Smokey in Loch Modan, renamed him Andarta, and has stuck with a fuzzy bear ever since. He’s just over level 40. I’ve moved my hunter thrills over to Arthemis on Quel’dorei.

Myrddin was my gnome mage. Jaimie liked the class so much that I felt that I really should try it out. It was okay, but mages really aren’t my thing. They’re as squishy as priests but without being in a support role. He’s around level 37 and isn’t likely to be played again – currently he’s serving as my bank toon on Andorhal.

Lun was my gnome warrior. He was mostly arms spec and fun to play – I was going to raise him to be a tank but it never really got that far. He was the one who showed me all the abilities that a warrior has at his disposal. He’s at level 40 and might be played again if I decide to go back to Andorhal.

Padraic was my human paladin. I had seen Anath do amazing things with his paladin – lots of pre-Burning Crusade tanking when paladin tanks weren’t supposed to exist. I played him a decent amount and he was fun to play. Again, he got lost in the crush of alts around level 36 and now I’ve moved on to Andromache on Quel’dorei for my paladin game.

Taliesin was my draenei shaman, created around the time of the Burning Crusade’s release. I never really got the hang of him. Jaimie powered him through a couple of instances for gear, but he really didn’t get played much. He’s around level 19 and not likely to be played again.

I was sick of being ganked on my low-level alts so around January Jaimie and I made characters on Nazgrel. We were regularly playing horde on a PvE server with with Justin, Faith, and Dave and felt that it was silly to have two PvE horde servers to keep up with. So Artimis and Andromache moved from Nazgrel to Quel’dorei, with Artimis being renamed to Arthemis in the move. Now Quel’dorei is our main server.

Arthemis is my blood elf hunter. She started out paired with Jaimie’s Arala, but we ended up running our two hunters together for maximum killing power. So now Arthemis and Diannia are burning through Outlands. Arthemis still has her springpaw lynx from level 10, Arge, as her pet. For some reason none of the other pets appealed. Arthemis is currently level 63 and is likely to be my next 70. My enthusiasm for leveling seems to diminish as I approach the level cap however, since I’m playing with Jaimie, she keeps me moving along instead of making another alt.

Andromache is my blood elf paladin. She’s the one who started out with Diannia, Jaimie’s hunter. She’s my farming toon and fully specced out for paladin AOE grinding. I have a lot of fun with her, watching 5-6 mobs four levels higher die from beating themselves to death on her armor. She’s currently level 50 and farming Un’goro to keep Tristam and Arthemis supplied with mats. I’m really hoping to get her up to 70 right after Arthemis.

Tristam is my tauren warrior. He’s the one I play with my static group – me, Jaimie, Faith, Justin, and Dave. I love trying to keep my DPS-happy squishies alive – it keep the game exciting. He’s fully specced into protection and most of the time we wind up taking down instance bosses that are still red to our group (i.e. many levels higher than us). He is also the GM of our guild, Sleep Deprived. He’s 47 and gets played as often as our group can match up our schedules.

Anzu is my tauren shaman. I’ve had fun playing him but since Jaimie and I are focusing on leveling Arthimis and Diannia and I spend my solo time gathering mats on Andromache he doesn’t get played a lot these days. I’m looking forward to the patch 2.3 leveling speedups so that I can get him past level 23 without having to grind brutally.

Finally Merddyn is my blood elf warlock. I had to make one, blood elves just demand to be warlocks. I’m none too thrilled with his name, but since he’s paired with Jaimie’s Vivianne he had to be named some variant of Merlin. He runs with Jaimie’s shadow priest for a lot of dot-fear-win fun! He’s at 24 and not likely to be doing much leveling prior to 2.3.

AAAAANNNNDDD that’s all folks! I have a couple level 10ish alts here and there but I haven’t played them seriously so they don’t count. I’ve played all the classes in World of Warcraft and I have a really hard time deciding which is my favorite. At the moment, I’d say that I would be least likely to play a mage and most likely to play a paladin or a druid if I were starting from scratch. If I were starting on a new server again, I would make a hunter for the fast leveling and so that it could bankroll my other toons. It’s the people that make MMORPGs fun, so I would be happy to play any class if I had a solid group to level with.

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2 Responses to My Toons

  1. Jaimie says:

    Yeah yeah blame me for forcing you to level 😛 We will make more alts soon :)

  2. Faith says:

    So that is one perspective- my dying often from noob mistakes gives you and Jaimie a challenge. I’m glad I provide the challenge : )

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