Minimum Class Stat Requirements for Karazhan

World of Matticus has a brief writeup on the Minimum Class Stat Requirements for Karazhan. I just looked up Flint’s stats and with his current buffs he is definitely Kara ready. My worst stat is health and even that’s over the minimum. Too bad I’m not looking to raid with him. I’d like to see something like this for other raids, particularly Zul’Aman.

It’s been months since I’ve raided and at that my last couple of raids were just filling in till their regular holy priest could log in. I miss our Legion of the Dragon guild. However, even with that great guild, I was was getting sick of raiding. I figure that if our Horde guild ever makes it up to 10 players we’ll try Kara but till then we can do Heroics and see how far we can get in old world raids.

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