Tanking with Warrior and Paladin

I spent a good chunk of Sunday tanking with my paladin, then switched over to tanking on my warrior for our static group. It was interesting to make the switch. I ran Ramparts and Blood Furnace on my paladin with a priest and a rogue. For one run we had a shaman and hunter and for the other two we had another paladin and hunter. We ran Live Strat with our static group.

The kinds of pulls that are easy on my paladin are a click-fest on my warrior. Multiple mobs including a couple non-elites? The paladin tosses a shield, throws down a consecrate and that’s all she wrote. The warrior is going nuts trying to get a sunder on every mob so that the healer doesn’t pull aggro. The situations that lead to trouble on my paladin are easy to save on my warrior. The DPS has gone a little crazy on a big mob? Taunt, shield slam, devastate and you’re mine! The paladin is hoping that righteous defense and/or blessing of protection isn’t down and that she can re-establish aggro before they wear off. It takes a bit of work to shift mindsets from one to the other.

(Now if only I had a feral druid for a third shift in perspective.)

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2 Responses to Tanking with Warrior and Paladin

  1. Jaimie says:

    So you’re are volunteering to be our bear tank for the druid group? Does that mean I’m healing again or can I go Boomkin?

  2. Joel says:

    It’s my turn to DPS dagnab it! I’m going Boomkin!

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