Tobold on WoW Grouping

Tobold is discussing different ways to make grouping in WoW more attractive and prominent pre-endgame (or at least pre-60).

I really like this idea: Tobold’s MMORPG Blog: The flexible solution

We already have a faction of time travelers, why not add a new faction of level travelers? Whenever a higher level player would join a lower-level dungeon group, he would gain reputation points for every kill and badges from every boss to make up for the lack of interest in the low-level loot that drops. The players in the group that are actually of the level of the dungeon don’t get the points and badges, but the loot should be more interesting for them. The reputation and badges could then be used in the usual way to buy recipes and gear for the high-level characters which is actually useful at their high level.

Removing the group XP penalty and replacing it with a slight XP buff when grouping would be a good thing too. 99% of the time a group is not as efficient as a single person. When I sit down to play alone, I can begin playing immediately. When I play with my wife we have to meet up, then there are sometimes delays when one or the other of us gets sidetracked by gathering/a quest the other doesn’t have/life in general. When I play with my static group there is by definition always one person who is the last to be ready to go and that delays the other four. In a raid…well I won’t even touch on the exponential number of delays there, especially since most raids are at the level cap anyway. The leveling guides that I’ve seen all boast/recommend that solo is the way to go. Why not make it that playing with a good group levels you faster? It’s a lot more fun to play with others but trying to level that way, especially with any drop quests, sucks.

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