Warrior I hate Blackheart the Inciter

Since I spent pretty much all of last week in Shadow Labs getting one person after another attuned, I finally found a nice strategy for Blackheart the Inciter yesterday. Warrior I hate Blackheart the Inciter!!! – TheorySpot

Basics; We all know who you are Killing……… – So put a big freaking ORANGE Circle on Your* Head……
making it easier for your party to find you after MC to come
cluster up for 2seconds, so no matter who gets 1st Aggro,
you can Pop a Taunt Off within simple range, instead of the
Casters madly popping off shots and backing up.
– Now have the party use the next 3-5 Seconds doing NO DPS
Even a Healer should chill for a second, until you have that
Taunt & Bash & Devastate back-up kiting at least* 5 feet towards…
the ‘return-to-spot’….
– Their job for 3 to 5 seconds is to apply 1st Aid to themselves.
5 seconds of 1st Aid = 3,000 HP and Less Aggro and ensures a Buffer
for the start of the Next MC.
*That’s why Rogues remove posions, during the MC, the Poison DOTs
inflicted on other party members willl later interupt the bandaging.
– Now you have 20 to 25 Seconds of DPS Time.
Your ass is kinda towards the wall, you didn’t have to fight for aggro
while they bandaged, they have 3k HP more, and are back in their spots.
You should be able to bandage again on Alternating MC’s depending on
how many phases you need to go through.

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