Grid: Thinking within the Box(es)

Resto4Life has a post on Grid: Thinking within the Box(es) with some pretty detailed customization instructions. This writeup has me thinking that I should look at Grid again, particularly since I’m healing on my paladin. Mystic Chicanery has a post on paladin healing using Grid and Clique. Thinking of Paladin healing, Crymoar’s Guide to Holy Paladin Addons and Macros looks like it has some good tips. The Light Natured forums also have a post on Setting up Grid and Clique

I’ve found that Pitbull works very nicely for 5 mans and some Kara healing but I suspect I could improve by using Grid. For me one of the funnest parts of Warcraft is that there’s always room for improvement and the improvement never feels that far away. All you need to improve is that one drop, or a couple more badges, or a slightly different skill rotation, or …

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