Are healers responsible and dps just having fun?

LarĂ­sa of The Pink Pigtail Inn has a post up: Are healers responsible and dps just having fun? The followup comments are great – be sure to read Saresa and Gevlon‘s posts on the subject. Ulv’s ranking of the different roles on different scales is good stuff.

I still think that Rohan hit the nail on the head with his comment “…if DPS is working just as hard as healers are, why do so few of them roll healer alts?” When I’m feeling stressed and don’t want to deal with taking care of tender egos I shut down my chat boxes and play DPS. Healers and tanks are for group play and synergy (“We did it!”), DPS is for personal enjoyment (“I rock!”).

Tanks and healers have more pressure to keep the group going. Without a group, tanks and healers are lost. DPS has more pressure to perform individually. There’s lots of DPSers out there so DPS in a group has to defend their inclusion.

CRAZY IDEA What if all classes were DPS when not in a group, then within a group each would get the choice of the role they want to play? Have all the classes resemble druids – tank, healer, ranged DPS, melee DPS as needed. Would this inevitably lead to homogenization of classes?

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