3.0 Patch Day!

patch It’s here!  I’m excited!  We were nowhere near getting the ZA bear mounts or any of the titles, so the big things that the patch takes away aren’t really affecting me.  I am not looking forward to trying to figure out what gear is good for my various toons again.  "1 point of strength = 3.1415 AP compared to one point of agility = 2.71828 Defense versus the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow…"

What am I going to do first?  Wipe out all my addons!  Then will come the pain of reconfiguring them.  If I’m lucky, this will result in a sleeker, speedier interface.  Thanks to lots of practice, I’ve almost forgotten most of my keybindings so I’ll have to relearn all those.  "Crap -  that used to be shield block not intimidating shout!"

Once I have my interface in a somewhat useable state I’ll most likely head out to Orgrimmar to see if there’s a world event there and to take a look at any changes.  I’m going to have to get my various toons into the builds I’ve chosen for them.  Depending on what else is happening I may hop back onto my druid for that last push to 70 – I made the mistake of turning in a pile of quests just before logging off last night.  Oops. 

Don’t forget to consult Anna’s compilation of The Best of 3.0/WotLK Information!

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