Leveling Inscription

I didn’t have much time to play, so I had my warlock drop mining to take up inscription last night.  Mostly I used Kaliope’s Inscription Power Leveling Guide (1-350).  There are a lot of fun glyphs out there.  There will doubtless be fodder for theorycrafters for quite some time to come, but for now it looks like a lot of fun.  I’m not quite sure what glyphs I have in my bank but I plan to dig through them and send them off to various toons to play with.

My mail addon of choice, Bulkmail2, is currently broken so so I didn’t get much sent off.  I’m considering Auto Mail Director and CT_MailMod to replicate its functionality.  I want to be able to open all my mail with one click and I want to automatically mail certain classes of items to certain toons (e.g. non-soulbound weapons/armor go to my disenchanter).  I’m sure I’ll get something working eventually. 

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