Redcape’s Retribution DPS

Here’s what Redcape’s Retribution DPS Calculator – Elitist Jerks has to say.

Seal of Blood/Seal of Martyr are the best seals. If you cannot risk the damage Seal of Corruption is in second place even without a Glyph, though if you find 5 points for Seals of the Pure then Seal of Righteousness becomes pretty reasonable.

The best Glyph setup is CS, Judgement, Consecration. When you are running SoB in a raid situation you should have so much mana you don’t know what to do with it all.

When using SoB your DPS return on 100 of each stat is as follows:

Weapon DPS 528.10
Str 168.09
Hit rating 126.59
Exp rating 79.55
Crit rating 73.56
Agil 69.60
AP 66.36
Haste rating 41.78
Armor Penetration 37.34
SP 21.95

Here’s my retribution DPS Pawn scale based on the above numbers. I assumed all sockets get a 16 STR gem and meta sockets are worth 1.
( Pawn: v1: “Ret DPS”: ArmorPenetration=0.3734, RedSocket=26.8944, ColorlessSocket=26.8944, CritRating=0.7356, Dps=5.281, Strength=1.6809, MetaSocket=10, HasteRating=0.4178, Agility=0.696, ExpertiseRating=0.7955, BlueSocket=26.8944, YellowSocket=26.8944, SpellPower=0.2195, HitRating=1.2659, Ap=0.6636 )

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