Do you care about PvP anymore?

Matthew Rossi asks, Do you care about PvP anymore?  He describes how he went from doing some PvP in classic WoW, less in Burning Crusade to not doing any in Wrath.  I’ve found that as I played Warcraft more I PvPed less.  The last time I PvPed was when my warlock hit 60 and I tried to do the AV quests for XP.  My kids will occasionally take one of my toons and go to a battleground but that’s the only time you’d have seen my toons there in the last few months. 

I don’t know what could be done to make PvP more interesting.  A standard set of PvP gear so that it’s skill that matters, not twinking, might help.  I’d still get owned, but at least I’d feel as though I had the possibility of doing something.  Alternately, I like the idea of gear brackets of some kind – let those with full arena gear beat on each other instead of my PvE geared toons. 

There may not be any point in try to get me interested in PvP again though.  My preference is for PvE play.  The changes Blizzard has made in PvP may simply be catering to those who prefer PvP.  I can live with the fact that a portion of the game has no appeal to me.  I’ll play the parts I enjoy and ignore the bits I don’t.

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