Losing Gear Progression in WoW

Spinks has a post on Losing Gear Progression in WoW.  The part that interested me was when she says this about Ulduar: “There’s no benefit to going there either, you’d be better served for rewards in the newer easier instance.” This is something that really annoys me about WoW.

There are currently 13 heroic instances.  On my newly 80 alts it makes no sense to run any of those instances except for Trial of the Champion and maybe the daily.  I buy/craft/quest the gear I need to get up to acceptable levels, then run ToC as I have time.  If it’s a slow day, I might do the daily as well.  There may be an occasional upgrade from some of the other instances, but ToC is so much more bang for the buck that running anything else is mostly a waste.

What if when new patches bring new instances and new currencies, the old instances start dropping the new currencies as well?  The loot would still be better in the new instance but at least running the old instances would not be a complete waste of time.  It makes sad to see those old instances going to waste.  (I’m even sadder about not having heroic max level instances from BC and Classic, but that might be a little much to ask.)

Make running old instances rewarding!

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