What to do till Cataclysm?

I’m definitely in the middle of a slow period in WoW right now.  I’m not interested in raiding.  Running instances again doesn’t appeal – there are very few instances that I haven’t run at least once in each of the four roles.  I keep meaning to try the PvP battlegrounds, but I can’t stir up any enthusiasm for it.    Arenas are right out as my reflexes stink and I’d feel bad about dragging partner(s) down with me – besides the charm of WoW for me is being able to play when I have chance rather than according to someone else’s schedule.

Normally I’d be off somewhere leveling an alt or three, but there are a few things keeping me from doing that.  With the revamp of 1-60 in Cataclysm, I want to see it all when it’s new.  It feels like a waste to redo the old zones yet again.  I’ve leveled all the classes, so I don’t think I’d be seeing anything new playstyle-wise either.  I want my heirlooms on any new alts, but I’m reluctant to pay for a server transfer just to shift them over.

I’m not really worried about this.  Chances are when Cataclysm comes out I’ll play a bunch then wind up getting bored again before the next expansion comes out.  At this point, I don’t know if I’ll be subscribing all the way through to the next expansion though.  There are only so many alts I can play.

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