Wisdom In Games

I love finding pieces of wisdom in unexpected places.  Tamarind from Righteous Orbs said the following about disagreements and I really feel that it solidifies some of the ideas about disagreements that I had bouncing around in my head.

If someone disagrees with you about something that you do not consider to be subjective (whether the holocaust happened, whether there exists a simultaneous harmonic four day time cube, whether slavery should have been abolished, whether particular people have particular rights) then chances are the disagreement is a serious one and will have lasting implications for your relationship. There are simply some things that cannot be solved by agreeing to disagree, either because they are too important, too fundamental or because it represents a compromise you don’t want to make. The last point is particularly relevant to this kind of discussion: I think talking about gender politics in video games is necessary and valid, you think it isn’t. By agreeing to disagree we are essentially stopping talking about it, which is what you wanted in the first place.

via Righteous Orbs.

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