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I would like to have a way of cleaning up my RSS feeds.  There are a lot of good RSS feeds out there, but almost all of them cover topics that don’t interest me.  So far I haven’t come across a good way of filtering RSS feeds.  Take the feed – there are a lot of good posts there. At the same time, there are regular features such as The Wheel of Time Re-read that I am not at all interested in reading. I don’t really mind pressing the down arrow to skip to the next item, but it feels like one of those niggling annoyances that really should be automated away. So far FeedRinse is the closest solution I’ve found but it’s awkward to use.

The Three Great Virtues of a Programmer
The quality that makes you go to the great effort to reduce overall energy expenditure. It makes you write labor-saving programs that other people will find useful, and document what you wrote so you don’t have to answer so many questions about it. Hence, the first great virtue of a programmer.
The anger you feel when the computer is being lazy. This makes you write programs that don’t just react to your needs, but actually anticipate them. Or at least pretend to. Hence, the second great virtue of a programmer.
Excessive pride, the sort of thing Zeus zaps you for. Also the quality that makes you write (and maintain) programs that other people won’t want to say bad things about. Hence, the third great virtue of a programmer.
— Larry Wall and Randal L. Schwartz, Programming Perl

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