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15 Awesome Ultramodern Fireplaces

Jaimie wants a firefplace for the den at some point.  I don’t expct that we’d be doing any of these because they are too modern for our house, but they’re still fun to look at. 15 Awesome Ultramodern Fireplaces | … Continue reading

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Poor Man’s Sous Vide

This post on how to cook steaks to perfection in water seems like a very interesting idea: DIY Kitchen Hacks: Poor Man’s Sous Vide | GeekDad |  I’m really tempted to give this one a shot.  I’d have to … Continue reading

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Alien Swarm

I’ve been playing some Alien Swarm with friends lately.  We just finished running through the official campaign on normal.  It was fun, but I don’t think I’ll play it much more. The game is a real-time small squad combat game, … Continue reading

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Essential Expressions Exercise

25 Essential Expressions by ~Gorpo on deviantART Who knew that a gelatinous cube could be so expressive? It would be fun to have a group run across a gelatinous cube and reward them for recognizing its expression.

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Zen and the Art of the Fireball

These proverbs were fun to read:  Zen and the Art of the Fireball | Troll in the Corner.  It’s D&D advice in the form of the parables / tales of Zen teachers. Democracy The party said to the paladin, “Why do you … Continue reading

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MinMaxer Quote

This made me laugh: [W]ithin every human being lies the desire to beat an obsessive-compulsive minmaxer into unconsciousness in the absolute least efficient way possible. via How WotC Doomed Us All By Making The Fates Do Way More Work : … Continue reading

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Cranky Old Man

Real Life Comics – The Online Comic ©1999-2010 Greg Dean. Man I’m looking forward to this.  At the moment our front porch is a little lacking but I’ve got one heck of a lawn!

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The Lost Hero

I finished reading Rick Riordan’s The Lost Hero to the kids a while back.  It’s very much in the spirit of his Percy Jackson series and takes place in the same world a little while after that series concludes.  It … Continue reading

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Salman Khan Talk at TED 2011

I’ve mentioned Khan Academy before, but this talk really brought it to life for me: Salman Khan talk at TED 2011 (from  I’d love to get my kids using Khan’s tutorials, but I’m not sure how to persuade them … Continue reading

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10 Books that will Substitute For A Computer Science Degree | Techoozie

In a lot of ways, the value of my computer science degree is being able to say that I have a degree in computer science.  On a purely practical level, my degree hasn’t helped me out all all.  Learning about … Continue reading

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A Quick Primer for Old School Gaming

This is an interesting guide to why some people prefer an old-school type of game: A Quick Primer for Old School Gaming – The Entertainment eZine.  The first point really struck me: “Most of the time in old-style gaming, you don’t use a … Continue reading

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Our Discussion

This flowchart is great. The only downside I can see is that I’d have to live by these rules myself when arguing. I’d be more tempted to discuss important things if these rules were followed.  Usually when I’m having a … Continue reading

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Digging Through Memories

One of the interesting things about moving is pulling all the old stuff out of the crevices and corners where it’s been hiding for years.  Last night I pulled one of our photos storage boxes out and dug through it … Continue reading

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Roomba Fun

My big indulgence this year was buying a Roomba for the new house.  It’s been a lot of fun to watch this little disk-shaped robot tootle around the house cleaning up.  It’s also helped me keep things a little cleaner … Continue reading

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