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The Minotaur Guardian

After leaving the tomb, the party headed south to explore the castle of aberrations on their way back to Bisgen. Shortly after leaving the road, Whyd and Callie spotted some strong magic off to the side, so the party went … Continue reading

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Making Stun and Dominate Not Suck

I ran a combat a while back where one of the monsters had a fairly strong stun ability. One of the players spent pretty much the entire combat twiddling his thumbs. Since then I’ve avoided stuns and dominates are even … Continue reading

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Critical Hit Actual Play Podcast

    If you’re looking for a (very) extended example of actual play for Dungeons and Dragons Fourth Edition, one of the best podcasts I’ve run across is Major Spoilers’ Critical Hit podcast (Start here). The recording quality is very … Continue reading

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Using science to go beyond simple cookie dough | SimpliFried

This is really neat: Using science to go beyond simple cookie dough | SimpliFried. I remember finding out about this when I tried to duplicate a recipe and mine turned out nothing like the description I was given.

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Two-Hit Minions

I like this idea of Two-Hit Minions from Dungeon’s Master. First hit bloodies the minion, second hit destroys it. I think that would make minions more interesting and useful. The comments on the Dungeon’s Master post are also worth reading … Continue reading

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I ran across gambits in the Fourthcore Armory and I really like the idea. There’s no reason these couldn’t be used in pretty much any fantasy game as they’re pretty system neutral. Gambits provide a means to quickly incorporate such … Continue reading

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Lich Beat Down

Whyd the wizard, TheBeast the barbarian, Callie the cleric, Lia the ranger and jd4 the fighter headed deeper into the tomb. The first challenge was a gargoyle statue with three intact arms and one broken arm. After puzzling around, they … Continue reading

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Save or Die!

The Alexandrian – Misc Creations has an interesting take on Save or Die effects. I’m currently running 4e where there are a lot fewer of these but I may end up running Pathfinder and I’ll have to review how that … Continue reading

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Website alignment chart

This Website-alignment-chart amused me. In a few years, this will probably be an example of how things change. Some of the evil ones will have dropped off the chart, the goods will likely have shifted to evil with new goods … Continue reading

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Rating Books

  I’ve been playing around on listing off and rating books. My goal is to have a fragmentary record of things I’ve read.   There are a couple things that I find tricky about rating books. How do I … Continue reading

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