Lich Beat Down

Whyd the wizard, TheBeast the barbarian, Callie the cleric, Lia the ranger and jd4 the fighter headed deeper into the tomb.

The first challenge was a gargoyle statue with three intact arms and one broken arm. After puzzling around, they figured out that if gem are place in the three intact hands, the arms crush the gems then drop the dust. The party tried this twice, losing six gems, then wandered off to explore further.

A little more searching in the hall with the figures holding orbs revealed another passageway. After bypassing traps, they found themselves in a room with three chests. By this point they were very suspicious and so opened the first chest from a distance. Two skeletons popped out waving swords, but were quickly shattered. They moved on to the next chest and Lia took out the dozen snakes that came slithering out with a crit from her thunder bow. The final chest’s darts were a bit of a letdown.

From there they found  a short passageway that led to a trapdoor they couldn’t open. TheBeast was very annoyed by this.

Next they found themselves in an evil chapel, where Lia set off a gas trap on one of the pews. They left for a bit and found a tunnel to one of the entrance pits. When they came back, they found a slot on the wall and figured out it needed a magical ring. They proceeded down the passageway carefully disarming pit traps, til Lia missed one and fell into a pit with a secret door. Leaving the passageway, they ventured through the secret door into a short, gas filled hallway.

As they entered the room beyond, a figure rose to meet them. “”Who dares to disturb  the  rest of Acererak?  It is your death you have found! ” They plunged into battle with the lich. The lich summoned flaming skulls and overwhelmed them with a dark mist. Luckily Whyd was on the job and she dispelled the mist. The flaming skulls didn’t prove much of a threat as two of them proved acts of opportunity and were reduced to powder. Whyd managed to flick the crown off his head, which deprived him of extra attacks. jd4 and TheBeast set up a flank on the lich, Callie used her healing powers to their fullest,and soon enough the lich returned to dust. They managed to get some treasure before the roof fell in on them.


I don’t know if it was my presentation, but traps were just dull. I think I’ll use them as terrain features in combats and avoid them otherwise.

I had expected more enthusiasm for the puzzles, but again I must not have presented them interestingly.

The fights were just about perfect. If I had made the lich just a bit tougher he would have gotten some PCs.

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4 Responses to Lich Beat Down

  1. Faith says:

    Hurrah for 20 rolls! I’m afraid what that means for our next gaming session : (

  2. Joel says:

    I’m sure it’ll mean nothing but good things – fluffy kittens, puppies, and butterflies!

  3. Justin says:

    Humm looks like it might mean multi hit minons :(

  4. Joel says:

    A standard monster is supposed to go down after 4 hits on average. So a 2 hit minion is roughly half as tough as a normal monster.

    I will keep the 20 hit minion in mind though, mwhahahahaha!!!

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