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If you’re looking for a (very) extended example of actual play for Dungeons and Dragons Fourth Edition, one of the best podcasts I’ve run across is Major Spoilers’ Critical Hit podcast (Start here).

The recording quality is very good. All the participants are at about the same volume level, so I’m not cranking things up to hear one person whisper, then ripping my earphones out as another one yells into the mike.

One of the participants is completely new to D&D and so everything gets explained in detail. As the game goes on, the DM gives a brief look at applicable rules for each situation.

It’s funny. I can pretty much count on laughing at something one of the participants says or has their character do.

The story is engaging. I’m very impressed with the story the DM’s telling and how he flexes and bend with what the players do to make the story a collaborative effort.

A lot of the play is in character and it feel natural. It’s easy to tell when it’s the player talking and when it’s the character talking. Every couple of episodes, there is a completely out of character episode where they look at mechanics or other topics that can’t be discussed on the fly.

There are a LOT of episodes. They’re currently up to episode 105 and the characters are at level 9. I’ve only listened up to episode 20, so I have hours and hours of entertainment to go.

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