Making Stun and Dominate Not Suck

I ran a combat a while back where one of the monsters had a fairly strong stun ability. One of the players spent pretty much the entire combat twiddling his thumbs. Since then I’ve avoided stuns and dominates are even worse. I like this proposal by Sly Flourish: Making Stun and Dominate Not Suck.

…stun effects now result in -2 to defenses (-4 at the epic tier) and give vulnerability 5 per tier.

(A dominated creature) immediately moves its speed and makes an at-will attack against the closest ally with a +5 bonus to damage per tier.

Depending on where my players go, they may also run up against petrification effects. I’m thinking of making those stun + immobilized. I’ll have to see if that’s too weak or too harsh – a melee character suffers a lot while a ranged character doesn’t suffer much.

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2 Responses to Making Stun and Dominate Not Suck

  1. Justin says:

    Not a bad idea.
    Another could be add to the mix and/or
    that the player can only use a standard melee/range attack.

  2. Joel says:

    That’s worth thinking about.

    Then again, maybe you’ll never have to worry about it and from here on out your characters will just spend their time on a beach sipping frosty drinks!

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