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Thieves Guild Detective Agency

This is a good idea for getting characters together: #1 thieves guild detective agency « Blog of Holding. What appeals to me particularly is that there is a reason why you’re constantly doing level appropriate quests. The guild isn’t going … Continue reading

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Aberrant Castle Onlaught

After leaving the minotaur guardian’s clearing, the party headed further south to the aberrant castle. One night, Whyd felt a burst of magic to the north-east but it passed and didn’t seem to affect them. When they arrived at the … Continue reading

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School Supply Labels

If you have a printer, you can save a lot of time by printing up labels for the kids’ school supplies rather than writing them in by hand. Last year, on a whim I found a line art picture of … Continue reading

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Women Fighters In Reasonable Armor

This would make a great site for character or NPC portraits: Women Fighters In Reasonable Armor. I’m trying to assemble a good collection of pictures for NPCs. So far my main source is the art files from Dungeon and Dragon … Continue reading

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Google+ Games

I’m having fun playing the Google games. So far I’m just playing them solo which kind of misses the point. So far I’ve been playing Dragon Age Legends and Bejeweled Blitz and they’ve been fun enough. A quick 15 minutes … Continue reading

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Short Rests and Encounter Resources

This seems like an interesting idea. Place a restriction on how many healing surges a PC can spend outside of encounters. For instance, a PC can only spend two healing surges at the end of a short rest and they … Continue reading

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Defining Your Game

Defining Your Game | The Angry DM: D&D Advice with Attitude is a good post on what role-playing is and is not. RP means imagining a hypothetical situation, projecting yourself into the mind of your character, and deciding on a … Continue reading

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Stephen Fry on Star Trek, Douglas Adams, and More… | GeekDad |

For me the best part of this interview was the ten minutes or so at the end when he talks about being bipolar: Stephen Fry on Star Trek, Douglas Adams, and More… . I find it very difficult to explain … Continue reading

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Renaissance Festival Podcast

I really enjoy the music on the Renaissance Festival Podcast. As per the description it’s music that you’d expect to hear at a renaissance fair. What I particularly like about the music is that I can pick up new songs … Continue reading

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How to Cook Pasta Correctly

I found this guide interesting: How to Cook Pasta Correctly. The local vegetable stand sells some very tasty noodles, but they don’t have cooking instructions. It’s good to have instructions aside from those in our falling-apart basic cookbook.

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