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Handy Flowchart for Choosing Among NPR’s Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

This is a fun way of deciding what to read next: Handy Flowchart for Choosing Among NPR’s Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books. It’s fun to follow the paths to various books I’ve read.

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The One Ring – A Quick and Dirty Review

This The One Ring – A Quick and Dirty Review « Blog of Holding looks as though it’d be fun. Now I just need need to actually do more gaming instead of just theorizing about it.    

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RPG Color Wheel

This RPG Color Wheel looks like a good way of adding descriptive color to an RPG game, particularly at times when the GM doesn’t have strong ideas about what’s happening in a particular location or at a particular time.   … Continue reading

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House Complete!

After a year and four days, our house is now complete. The house was 95% complete back in late February, but there were little things to be finished off that lingered on till today. So, now that construction is complete … Continue reading

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Masquerade Thoughts

I’ve been reading a lot of Masquerade-type fiction to the kids lately. The world is our own, but the truth is that everything we know is a lie and supernatural entities are battling behind the scenes. I’m getting tired of … Continue reading

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Back to Reality

The night passed with several flickers between reality and the Far Realms. When morning came, the party made their way up a stairwell fighting cloakers and foulspawn. They found a chapel with a distorted eladrin, Elomir, flanked by two destrachan. … Continue reading

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D&D Lair Assault

    I really like the idea of this: Dungeons & Dragons Lair Assault. That part that annoys me is that it is store only. I felt the same way about their previous Encounters program. At least one player in … Continue reading

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