Back to Reality

The night passed with several flickers between reality and the Far Realms. When morning came, the party made their way up a stairwell fighting cloakers and foulspawn.

They found a chapel with a distorted eladrin, Elomir, flanked by two destrachan. Sadly, Elomir didn’t get to give his monologue and the party launched straight into combat. Whyd launched the first attack and the destrachan retaliated quite viciously. Elomir charged right in and started hitting quite viciously. Crystals behind Elomir’s seat started flickering and a twisted dragon-like creature appeared and started chomping on jd4. Callie’s healing kept everyone alive and popping back from unconscious, but her attacks were just sad. As another twisted dragon appeared Whyd summoned her pets and she and Lia took down the crystals before any more aberrations could spawn. As the last crystal fell, the castle solidified on the material plane. It was a long, hard battle but Elomir and his aberrant creatures fell before their axes, swords, spells, and arrows.


The stairwell fight just didn’t work. I think the biggest problem was that I used the cloakers as standard mobs rather than having them sneak around and attack the party from cover. The multi-level aspect didn’t really work either.

The fight against Elomir and his beasties was almost perfect. The difficulty was pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I’m having trouble trying to figure out how to push the party without making the fights too long. Next time, I think I’ll add another critter and cut down hit points. I should have emphasized the possibility of using skills to deal with some of the challenges.

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