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Descent Into Darkness

After clearing out the castle, the party was joined by a rogue, Darien. An eladrin sorceress appeared in the courtyard and told them a tale of  lost artifacts being used to power an invasion from the Underdark. After a few … Continue reading

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Heroes of Neverwinter Further Thoughts

I’ve been playing Heroes of Neverwinter for a bit now and I think I’m done with it. The game itself is fun enough but it suffers from some serious limitations. The biggest problem that I’ve run into is clerics with … Continue reading

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Introduction to Role Playing Games

Fear the Boot’s latest episode referred back to a very old episode. Fear the Boot episode 115 provides a very basic audio introduction to Role Playing Games in just over an hour. This is an excellent way to introduce someone … Continue reading

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DIY Debate

This episode of the debaters where they debate Do it Yourself is pretty funny. Skip the Cirque du Soleil part and jump to roughly the 11 minute mark for the DIY debate. I like Younghusband’s ultimate argument for why Canadians … Continue reading

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Rift Thoughts

Jaimie and I picked up Rift when it was on sale on Steam last week. We got characters up to 17 and ran Realms of the Fae with two friends of ours. Rift is clearly derived from World of Warcraft. … Continue reading

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Fairy Tale

This story reminds me of how I dealt with the things that go bump in the night: Fairy Tale « Tales of a Cthulu Steampunk. Sometimes the best way to deal with an overactive imagination is more imagination!

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