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Out of the pyramid and back to the Feywild

The party moved into the last part of the pyramid and found an angel guarding a doorway. After some conversation, they decided to return to the riddle room near the entrance of this realm. This time they solved the riddle … Continue reading

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Turtle Power

After saving all his money from allowance and chicken watching for a long time, Alec finally bought his own turtle. It’s surprising cute and fun to watch.

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SugarCRM Bug: Doesn’t like fields named “Range”

I spent two days hunting down this bug. At of 6.5.0 at least, SugarCRM does not like fields named “Range” when deploying modules. The error is “An error occurred during deploy process, your package may not have installed correctly.” To … Continue reading

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The Theory of Revolution

  Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. An interesting take on this: If idiots can use scientific language to gull over desperate people, then why don’t we use arcane religious language to placate the religious? Look, you can say, “The theory of … Continue reading

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To the Fallen Fortress

(spoilers for Master of the Fallen Fortress) Merisiel and Valeros headed north of Sandpoint to investigate an old fortress whose walls had been breached by an earthquake. As they approached the fortress they were attacked by three wild dogs, which … Continue reading

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