Bridge of Doom

The party was awakened in the early morning by a messenger from Sheriff Hemlock. Shaelu was back and badly wounded from an encounter with the Thistletop goblins and their leader.

They went out to investigate Thistletop and found a maze of briars and nettles on the path to the island. They made their way through the tunnels and found a dispirited group of goblins. Since Theo was after the ears and the bounty, they attacked and quickly annihilated them.  Next was a group of ugly goblin dogs that were only slightly more annoying.

Upon finding the bridge to the island, the party decided to race to the other side to avoid patrols. Much to their surprise, the bridge gave out underfoot and Jusy found himself having to save TheBeast and Whyd from drowning. Theo and Brecca had grabbed the last remaining rope from the bridge, but Brecca slipped trying to make her way back to shore and also had to be rescued.  As Theo made her way around to the party she was jumped by a goblin and his cougar. Despite the unstable footing, everyone got a shot in and quickly took the goblin and cat down.

With the party in such rough shape, they decided to go back to town and regroup.

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