Return to Thistletop

Undaunted by their encounter with the bridge of doom, the party decided to return to Thistletop to finish eradicating the goblin menace. Unsure what they’d find for a bridge, they decided to rent a boat from Turch in the fish market. TheBeast managed to talk him into renting them a rowboat at a discount price.

Theo’s powerful rowing got them back to the island in short order. As they analyzed their options, pair of bunyips leaped out of the water to attack. The bunyips didn’t prove to be much of a threat; one was slaughtered quickly and the other dove to safety.  Scouting the east side of the island revealed an entrance.

The tentacled creature inside didn’t prove to be much of a threat, so the party moved through its larder with speed, with Theo pausing to cut the ears off of its goblin victims. They moved past a set of grotesquely carved  double doors to a side door with a goblin art gallery, and on into a room with sketches of the assault on Sandpoint.

They burst into a wizard’s workshop and surprised a young lady in the middle of her research. Lyrie was willing to talk but didn’t have much to say apart from letting them know that Nualia is trying to free a monster below for her next attack on Sandpoint. They debated keeping her alive, but decided to off her. A brief battle ensued, in which Lyrie confused them with multiple images of herself and tried to escape through a secret door.

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