A running battle

The party tried to settle down in Lyrie’s research room for the night after blockading the doors. In the middle of the night Theo heard someone try the door quietly. A short while later, Whyd heard two people move in, followed by a strong pounding on the door. When the door gave way, a ferocious bugbear burst in slashing.

Despite his ferocity, the bugbear didn’t last long. His partner, a human firing from behind a hastily flipped table fared a little better. When Beast roared at him, he bolted from the room. Jusy chased him back down the hallway, followed by the rest of the party. The human fighter burst into a large dining room and a bunch of goblin women in an adjoining room grabbed their weapons and joined the fight.

Theo and Brecca blocked the doorway, while Jusy and Beast pursued the human up a stairway and into another room full of goblins. Brecca misfortuned the goblin ladies while Beast took down the human. The goblins swarmed Jusy and Beast, nearly taking Jusy down. Whyd encouraged the party and threw heals around. After an intense battle with the goblins, the party retreated to the tendriculous’ lair to rest.

The night passed peacefully enough except for a crescendo in the chanting from below, followed by a  blast of abjuration magic…

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