Graul Homestead – First Floor

Mammy GraulAs they moved into the Graul home, the party was joined by Arcmort Warbottle and Bumaro. Upon opening the side door, a wave of stench left Jusy and Brecca sickend.  The kitchen was a mess of rotting meat and vegetable matter and swarming with insects.  Jusy disabled a trap on the dining-room door, then checked out the basement door. The dining room had scraps of unidentifiable meat on the plates and a human head as a centerpiece. Theo moved into the dining room and smashed a trap on another door. Jusy disabled the last door trap and Whyd moved into a room with two ogrekin. One had floppy limbs and the other had tiny little legs on a huge body.  The party dispatched them quickly and moved out into the hallway. They found a room with fetishes hanging all over it and a valuable jade ring on one of the fetishes. Another room had magical script keeping undead locked into it, so the party bypassed it for now. Arcmort’s eidolon burst into another room just ahead of Jusy and found a grossly obese ogrekin woman, Mammy,  and three corpses.  Shadows poured out of the corpses and attacked as Mammy flirted with Jusy and blasted the hallway with ice. The shadows stole Theo’s strength, but Bumaro made short work of them. Jusy and Theo managed to down Mammy.


With such a big party, I tried something different. I ran the whole thing as one big encounter and rather than doing initiative I just went around the table – “What do you do” and kept cycling that way. It worked pretty well and kept things moving.


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  1. Justin says:

    I can’t find a vampiric touch wand. Not sure why I can’t find it. I think I’m up to date on the patching. I’ll double check tonight because online it seems available.

    Maybe we identified it wrong, it was really a lesser restoration wand. Mammy needed wand to restore the strength because she likely occasionally used her undead mommies to remove the strength of the ogres as a way to keep them in line. After they pledged loyalty she could then restore the ability scores.
    But on the other hand this wand is ~ 11,000g wand and a lesser restoration is <1000g maybe we'll wait.

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