Alas Unnamed Ninja

As Theo recovered her strength, the rest of the party wandered around Turtleback Ferry. Brecca spnt some quiet time recovering alone. WhyD asked around and found out from Wenda that the leader of the Black Arrows was seen heading into the swamp west of town. A young teen girl stared at WhyD and babbled about how impressed she was at WhyD’s fighting against the goblins and her amazing moves.  The unnamed ninja skulked about the town, standing on rooftops in the rain. Bumaro just hung out around town. Jusy swam down to the sunken Paradise barge and found that the doors had been barred from the outside.

GhostThe party decided to head over to the swamp. They were flagged down by a pixie, Yap, who begged them to help his mistress. Her heart was broken and now the swamp is dying. The party followed Yap into the depths of the swamp and found a clearing with a murky pool in the middle. As Brecca entered the clearing, the wailing ghost of a nymph rose from the pool and asked why they had come. She begged them to recover Lamatar or at least some of his body so that she can reincarnate him. They agreed to go to the ogre stronghold to recover him.

Rather than make their way past Fort Rannick, they opted to navigate to Coal Lake and scale the cliff to get directly to Hook Mountain. Thanks to Brecca’s fly spell, scaling the cliffs proved easy. Despite the bitter cold the party found their way to the Hook Mountain Clanhold. Jusy and the unnamed ninja suck around and observed the entrance. When the ogre sentries swapped out, the party moved in to attack. Theo was happy to unleash her hatred of giants upon the ogres and fought one toe to toe. Jusy moved in to flank, WhyD encouraged the group with her performance. Brecca worked to keep Jusy alive when the second ogre charged in to attack. The unnamed ninja moved in to flank and was splattered across the landscape by the ogre’s hook. A short battle later and the two sentries were down.

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  1. Justin says:

    Was a nice ninja while he lasted. He didn’t even have a encounter under his belt, a grand total of 2 rounds in his hero career. That has got to be some sort of record for a speed kill.

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