Defending Sandpoint

Following the battle with Barl, Jusy and Theo returned to Sandpoint accompanied by an alchemist gnome, Tinder. One fine morning, they heard a series of crashing noises to the north of town. Rushing up there, they found Hemlock and a couple of guards facing a couple of stone giants tossing rocks at the gate. Tinder lobbed a few bombs at them, but then the party saw another group of giants heading in over the east bridge and decided to leave the giants to the guards.

Stone Giants Raid Sandpoint by yanimator on deviantART

Theo grabbed a cart and donkey that were blocking the bridge and pulled them to safety behind the city gates. Tinder stood atop the wall and lobbed bombs at the giants and their dire bears. Theo’s dwarven defenses stood her in good stead holding the bridge against the giants. Jusy slipped into position to flank and the three of them dispatched that group with skill. ¬†As they were fighting a dragon flew overhead and another group of giants pulled themselves onto a dock to the south.

The group rushed south and intercepted the giants as they were striding up the street. These giants proved to be tougher opponents and drove the party off before continuing on their way to the northwest. The party hid in the shadows for a bit to recover as the dragon flew by and set the theater on fire.

Approaching the Old Light ruins, they saw the two minions digging through the rubble. One pulled out a round stone and the giants headed north. Tinder targeted the leader with a bomb from a rooftop and Theo taunted the minion with the stone. The minion bashed at the doorway and attacked Theo, but with Jusy’s aid she took him down. Jusy hid the stone in the remains of the house. The chief giant pulled out a horn and started blowing it. He started looking for the stone and Theo and Jusy took him down too as the dragon flew in. Tinder ducked into a nearby house. As the dragon chased Jusy and Theo, Tinder lobbed bombs at him. Theo was knocked unconscious by the dragon and it looked like Jusy was going to do the same when a couple well-placed acid bombs took the dragon down.

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  1. Faith says:

    That was a fun run. Even if you nearly killed off my character : )

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