To the Valley of Giants

After checking around Sandpoint a bit, the party checked with local Thassalonian expert Brodert Quink to see why the giants might be interested in a rock from the Old Light. He offered his theory that the Old Light was an ancient weapon and defensive structure. Jusy wondered if the giants might want to build a similar structure for defense.

The party followed the giants’ trail back to a mountain pass with giant steps. The pass was guarded by a group of hill giants who were easily defeated. Theo’s day was brightened when she found the hill giant’s loot.

Looking into the valley beyond the pass, the party saw large numbers of giants camped around a fortress. Rather than going through the giants, they opted to sneak around the perimeter. They found a cave full of webs crawling with deathweb spiders. Tinder’s bombs dealt nicely with the crawling vermin.

As they moved down a tunnel beneath the fortress walls, a group of redcaps moved in to attack. Theo planted herself in the narrow tunnel to block the redcaps’ advance. Jusy heard a noise above them and managed to block a trapdoor, frustrating creatures that tried to ambush the middle of the party. An enraged kobold came running in halfway through and got a few blows in before being vanquished.

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