Beneath the Giants’ Fortress

After leaving the cramped tunnels, the party found themselves in another set of tunnels, these scaled for giants rather than kobolds. They chose to follow the north path towards the smell of cooking and scoped out the dining hall, hoping to poison the giants. The giant cook attacked with her ladle but wasn’t much of an obstacle. They dumped her into one of her pots, liberally spiced with poison.

They then went through a secret door and fought a giant. He barely had time to call for help before falling to their onslaught. Some bears came their way but they ducked back into the secret door. Moving north they found a shrine haunted by a horrific image of a giant being slaughtered.

The party then found a particularly well built room with filled with sihedron runes. As Jusy made his way across the room, a gigantic rune-covered hand reached out from the ground to grab him. Two of the biggest giants they’d seen so far, their bodies covered in runes, pulled themselves out of the ground and attacked. The first one got a shot or two in before being killed, and the second one retreated back into the ground after triggering an earthquake. Bob healed the party up using a wand and Theo taunted the giant back out of the ground. He got some good blows in before joining his friend in death.

Jusy rounded a corner and found himself face to face with a trio of red dragons. The first one hit him pretty hard. Bumaro charged in and chopped its head off. Then Tinder melted the second one with her acid bombs. Finally after some stabbing, Bumaro finished off the last dragon.

They peered around the corner and spotted lamias chanting.


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