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One of the biggest soft skills I’m trying to develop at work is distributing information in usable ways within the organization. I’m digging into DevOps to see if there are ideas there I can apply.

It turns out that a real world organization has more than two factions, and that greater gains can be perhaps realized by getting everyone on the same page as much as possible. But that doing that is potentially very hard.


That notwithstanding there are many practical ideals that befit such solutions:

  1. Information should be made widely available, understandable, and understood within an organization.
  2. Actions and decisions should be tied to the ultimate mission of an organization, and should not focus on short-term gains at the cost of long-term goals.
  3. Failures should never be hidden (at least internally). Any catastrophe is a critical opportunity to investigate short-comings and improve. Here particularly the practice of “blameless post-mortems” is highly valued.
  4. Old ideas and decisions should be recorded, explained, and not forgotten. They should also be revisited.
  5. People should be cultivated (as the word culture is derived) along with the organization. This may involve people learning new skillsets and working across multiple competencies.

In general, I think this can be summarized as enabling continuous improvement through continuous learning.

From What is DevOps?


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