Against Mokmurian

The party barricaded themselves into the room with the Sihedron rune for the night. Jusy trapped the door. In the night they heard a voice asking if the small ones were there.  Then someone opened the door and triggered the trap. A giantess identifying herself as Conna staggered into the room to tell them of Mokmurian’s location. She refused to join them in combat but was happy to give them details of the layout of his lair.

After resting, the party ventured further down. They found a golem guarding a giant cauldron out of which came runeslaves. A frigid room full of zombies was the next challenge. Finally they came to Mokmurian’s throne room. Mokmurian summoned up inter-dimensional hounds to assist him. Despite the hounds and the fireballs Mokmurian flung around, Jusy, Theo, and Tinder took him down.

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