Statues, a Dragon, and Smashing Statues

The party climbed back up to Sandpoint with the one bit of coherent-ish writing they found in the Scribbler’s lair. After some research they determined that the second stanza referred to a lake in northern Varisia. They decided to stop in Urglin to reconnoiter.

They wandered into a bar in the frontier town of Urglin where they were pointed to Old Zeke. Zeke told them tales of the area and offered his grandson Marl as a guide. Marl slouchingly led them to Lake Stormunder and then wandered back.

Faced with seven large stone heads, they puzzled over how to pull the keys from them. With some study, the party figured out that casting a spell of the proper school on a head would cause the head to fade out and a key to appear. The party was a few schools short but thanks to judiciously applied potions and wands they got all seven keys.

An ice dragon burst out of the cave at the top of the mountain and attacked the party. As the fight wasn’t going well for them, they scattered and fled. The next morning, they gave the stairs a try and were near the top when the dragon jumped them again. This time the fight was going better when the dragon vanished. They headed into the cave, which lead to a tunnel with stonework and two large statues with sihedron runes on their hand. When Tinder tossed a potion at one, the statues attacked and the party fled.

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