Into the Runeforge

The party figured out that displaying the sihedron medallion would get them past the guardian statues. Ambushing the dragon on his lair proved to be much easier than fighting him when he was prepared for their attacks. A little bit of fiddling with the keys and the pillars and they were into the Runeforge, looking for weapons to take down a runelord.

Since they didn’t have flying spells, they decided against tackling the Golem of Wrath at this point. They made a foray into the Cages of Lust but fell back to regroup.

The Ravenous Crypts proved to be the right level of challenge and they tore through there quite smoothly. Azaven’s hit and run tactics were a pain but the party overcame him and tracked him back to where he was trying to regenerate. This time they finished him off for good and destroyed his phylactery for good measure.

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