Vaults of Greed and a Deal

The party decided to head to the Vaults of Greed next.  Jusy spotted the trapped door and the secret door next to it. Theo plunged through the greenish mists filling the hallway without harm, but when Jusy tried it he got transformed into a goldfish. It took the others a bit to find him in one of the ponds and restore him.  The statues in the goldfish fountains activated and attacked, seeming to come from every direction.

They found rooms full of raw goods they could transform into whatever they needed, but were disappointed to find that their items fell back into their components as soon as they left the rooms. Down the hall, they found a research laboratory occupied by a metallic mage. The mage seemed slightly unhinged, so after a little discussion they attacked and eliminated him. The next room had a trapped demon. After trying to free it, they ended up just killing it. From there they found a room with an arcane pool. Jusy poked at it and dipped a cloak into it. The cloak started glowing but that was about it.

Upon exiting, they found the succubus from the Shimmering Veils waiting for them. She proposed trading them information for one of the keys to get out of the Runeforge.  After some debate, they decided to make the trade. She told them the components they needed to make Runeforged weapons.

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