Navigating the Festering Maze

The party decided to tackle the Festering Maze next. They headed north but found their way blocked by a channel of slime. Jusy and Tinder lept across with panache, but when Theo tried the jump, she slipped and fell in. She was immediately pulled down by two large slimy creatures and a third huge one. They battled in the slime as she gasped for breath. Finally she made it out and they found a trio of levers. One summoned a water elemental that set about cleaning up the slime, one caused a walkway to rise up, and the third caused the slime to slowly drain away.

They headed deeper into the maze and found a room with a floating throne occupied by a massive man with a slime for a heart. Tinder flung fire at him, Theo slaughtered his oozy minions, and Jusy ran around the room disabling the pipes that fed the pool under his throne. The slime-hearted man teleported around and threw some vicious spells at them, but soon they were victorious and had another ingredient for the runeforged weapons they sought.

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