The Halls of Wrath

The party returned to the golem on the platform they’d been unable to assault before. This time Jusy sipped a potion of gaseous form and floated up behind the golem. He wrapped a rope around its leg. As it turned to smash him, Bumaro and Theo raced to the base of the platform and pulled the golem down. Despite its ferocity, the party made short work of the mighty construct.

They soon figured out the teleportation circles and popped up to face the sinspawn axemen and the warriors of wrath. The combination of axes and spells proved challenging for most of the party, but Bumaro pounced into the fray and dispatched many of the warriors. They decided not to poke around too much in the fleshwarping labs.

Highlady Athroxis’ hall of testing and her glabrezu demon gave them a mighty battle. They collected the ashes from the Halls of Wrath and are left with but one component lacking for the runeforged weapons they sought here.

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