Out of the Runeforge

The heroes made a quick trip into the mostly-destroyed Halls of Envy. They fought a jelly that kept splitting on them, but didn’t seriously challenge them. After retrieving the ethillon, they returned to the centre of the runforge to imbue their weapons.

As the first weapon plunged into the pool, Karzoug’s statue came to life. A familiar voice boomed out at them – “You. Again. I can’t help but be inspired by your optimism, but alas, your weapons will never reach Xin-Shalast. Your fate is death, here in Runeforge.”  The party attacked and destroyed the massive statue. As it crumbled into ruin, it had one final taunt “This… this is not the last…come then, heroes. Seek me atop Mhar Massif, if you value life so poorly. You should be honored to be the first fools executed under the banner of Shalast in ten thousand…”

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